Metrology & Test


At STC, we monitor all clean room activity with the goal of achieving superior product yields. Equally important, both general and specific device tests systematically ensure high quality MEMS that satisfy customer needs.

During process development and optimization, STC uses optical and scanning electron microscopy plus electrical and electronic measurement capabilities, paying careful attention to specific application requirements. To ensure production repeatability, STC employs a full complement of in-line metrology equipment to routinely monitor each of the critical parameters that affect performance and quality.

Alfa Step Profilometers

  • KLA Tencor P-10 & P15

CD Measurement/ Elemental Analysis

  • Hitachi FESEM with EDAX

CD Overlay

  • IVS 135 CD Overlay

CD Scope

  • Nikon Eclipse 200

Electrical Characterization

  • MDC CV Tester
  • Suss Probe Station

Film Thickness and Stress

  • Woolam Ellipsometer
  • N&K 1500
  • Nanospec 210
  • Flexus 2620

Optical Profiling

  • ZYGO Optical Interferometer

Photoresist Thickness

  • Flimetrics F50

Surface Resistivity

  • CDE Resmap 16

Wafer Thickness

  • MTI Autoscan 200

Wire Bond Tester

  • Dage Precision Industries 4000
    • Wire Bond Pull Tester