Packaging is the key to ultimate MEMS success - providing the optimal working environment and creating robust interfaces between a device and the external world. At STC our experienced team and cutting edge tool set provides cutting-edge wafer level packaging and 3-D integration at the device and wafer level. The power of our co-located wafer foundry and packaging facilities provide a vertically integrated resource that addresses customers needs.

Housed in a Class 100/ Class 1000 clean space, STC’s packaging lab is designed to offer solutions that optimize critical small form factors, cost, performance and reliability.

Adhesive Dispensing

  • Asymtek Spectrum S820
    • Precise volume and position
    • Automated fluid dispensing


  • ADT 7200 Automated Dicing Saw
    • Dice substrates up to 12”
    • Available kerf widths down to 50µm
    • Glass, Si, Plastic
    • Taping and detaping unit
    • Integrated and atomized wafer cleaning


  • SFT Semcon 1500
    • Au, Ni, and Sn

Flip Chip/Die Bonding

  • Suss Microtec FC150
    • 1µm accuracy placement
    • 100kg max. force
    • Max T= 450C
    • Handle die from 250µm to 50mm
    • Handle substrates from 250µm up to 6” wafers.
  • ATV Technologies Solder Reflow Oven
    • 450C max temperature
    • Vacuum and inert atmosphere capability
      • N2H2 (97/3), N2
  • SEC 860 Bonder

Hermetic Package Sealing

  • SSEC dry box
    • Resistive weld seam sealer
    • Resistive weld solder
    • Gross and fine/leak test

Plasma Processing/Cleaning

  • Oxford Plasmalab 80 Plus-RIE System
  • UV/Ozone cleaning
  • JST Solvent, Acid and Base Benches
  • Branson Etcher

Surface Modification & Coating

  • SCS Parylene Coater
  • AMST MVD100

Wafer-Scale Bonding

  • Anodic, thermocompression, glass frit, eutectic, fusion, adhesive
  • Suss Automated Bond Cluster – ABC200
    • Automated bond aligner with 1-3µm post clamp alignment capability
    • Atmospheric plasma activation
    • Megasonic cleaning
    • Substrate bonder
      • 500C temperature capability
      • 20 kN bond force
      • 5E-5 – 3000 mbar chamber pressure capability
  • Suss Manual Bond: SB6/BA6
  • HTI-7 Glass Frit Screenprinter
  • AMST MVD 100

Wire Bonding

  • Dage Precision Industries 400
    • Wire pull and Sheer tester
  • H&K BJ815
    • 12.3” X 7.0” work area
    • Fine pitch capability 40 µm
    • Au and Al wire
  • K&S 4700
    • Ball-Wedge bonding
    • 90 degree deep access wedge bonding 12.5mm ‘Z’ axis travel